*B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi (Jax)
 04/08/17 - Black and Tan
**DNA & Parentage Verified**



  ++*B GCH Elm*Glen Brazil  7-02  88 +EE
  GCH ++*B Kastdemur's Watch Yourself 6-03  91 EEE
  GCH Kastdemur's Make7UpYours 3*M  5-05  93 EEEE
*B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi (Jax)  LA 2-02  88 VVE
  SG +*B Rockin-CB RY Zoren
  SGCH Rockin-CB RZ Haiku 8*M  6-05  94 EEEE
2021 National Champion
  SGCH Rockin-CB RZ Assam 6-03  91 EEV

Linear Appraisal:

2-02 88 VVE
1-03 88 VEV

*B Kastdemur's Modern Man
 03/02/20 - Belted black and tan
**DNA & Parentage Verified**



  ++*B SG Kastdemur's Rhone
  +*B SG Rockin-CB KR Hoku
  SGCH Rockin-CB RZ Ceylon 8*M  92 EEEE
*B Kastdemur's Modern Man
  ++*B SGCH Kastdemur's SA Stingray  90 VEE
  SGCH Kastdemur's Vintage 5*M  93 EEEE
  GCH Kastdemur's Ventura 4*M

2021 Show Record:

Shown 3X's: 3X 2nd

Modern Man has a tremendous amount of body and bone for a yearling buck, with a great temperament. We are loving his kids, and are excited to see a few freshen this spring.

Dam: SGCH Kastdemur's Vintage 5*M - 2019 National RGCH
Photo courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

Autumn-Acres AAT Magnum
 03/07/20 - Black and tan w/wattles
**DNA and Parentage Verified** - **Casein A/E**


  ++*B SGCH Kastdemur's SA Stingray  90 VEE
  Autumn-Acres Pull the Trigger
  CH Autumn-Acres Strip Tease  88 VVVV
Autumn-Acres AAAT Magnum
  Autumn-Acres Ace of Spades
  Autumn-Acres Nadia's Nora
  CH Autumn-Acres Nexus's Nadia

2021 Show Record:

Shown 3X's: 3X 1st, 2X GCH, 1X BIS

Magnum is incredibly long and tall, and easy to handle. We are excited to cross the Modern Man offspring with him, as we think that they will complement each other very well.

Mat. granddam: CH Autumn-Acres Nexus's Nadia - 2016 Nat'l RGCH
Photo courtesy of Autumn-Acres Dairy Goats

*B Lucky*Star's LL Points
 03/10/22 - Black and tan


  *B Huricane-PM HSW Decadent

*B Lucky*Star's HD Lugosi

  SG Lucky*Star's ME Johansen 5*M 92 EEEE

*B Lucky*Star's LL Points

  +*B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi 88 VVE

Lucky*Star's RJ Nice-Nice

  SG Lucky*Star's TD Kudos 4*M 87 VV+V

2022 Show Record:



Rockin-CB AAT Roshi
 03/13/23 - Black


  Kastdemur's Raising the Bar

Autumn-Acres Titanium (2023 ADGA LaMancha National Premier Sire)

  CH Autumn-Acres Tara's Teal

Rockin-CB AAT Roshi

  Autumn-Acres AAT Magnum

SGCH Rockin-CB HPM Jordan
2021 ADGA Res. National Champion

  SGCH Rockin-CB RZ Ceylon 8*M EX92


Outside bucks used

*B Lucky*Star's HD Lugosi
**DNA and Parentage Verified** - **Casein A/A**

Photo courtesy of Lucky*Star Farm

  *B Huricane-PM Sun Watcher
  *B Huricane-PM HSW Decadent
  SGCH Huricane-PM EGM Sorbet 3*M
*B Lucky*Star's HD Lugosi
  +B Mint-Leaf Elmsley
  SGCH Lucky*Star's ME Johansen 5*M LA 2-02   92 EEEE
  SGCH Lucky*Star's LOT Vivian 4*M LA 94 EEEE



Reference Sires

Rockin-CB Kauai's Am. Jigalo

  +*B SGCH Kastdemur's SA Stingray EX90
  +*B SG Kastdemur's Kauai
  GCH Kastdemur's Survivor Tocantin 4*M EX92
Rockin-CB Kauai's Am. Jigalo
  ++*B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier EX93
  SG Rockin-CB LX Flirt 4*M EX91
  SG Lucky*Star's TA Brazen VG89



Rockin-CB JA Legends of China
 04/21/19 - black
**DNA & Parentage Verified** - **Casein A/A**

  *B Kastdemur's Route 66
  *B Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Anticipation
  GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids FRankie 1*M VG89
Rockin-CB JA Legends of China
  +*B SG Rockin-CB RY Zoren VG89
  SGCH Rockin-CB RZ Ceylon
  SGCH Rockin-CB RZA Assam 7*M EX91

When I saw Anticipation's dam, Frankie, at the 2017 ADGA National Show, I fell in love with her style and elegance, and then when she freshened with a beautiful mammary, I knew I wanted to get something related to her. When Jennifer contacted me in the fall of 2018 and asked if I would be interested in some Anticipation semen, I jumped at the opportunity. He is all black.

Page last updated on 08/07/2023

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