*B CH Lucky*Star's LD Fallon
**DNA** - **Casein A/A**

Fallon's Dam - SGCH Lucky*Star's Lot Vivian 4*M EX94
Photo courtesy of Lucky*Star Farm

  ++*B SGCH Kastdemur's Landslide EX92
  +*B SG Lucky*Star's KL Doubleplay VG88
  SGCH Lucky*Star's RY Acclaim 3*M EX 92
*B CH Lucky*Star's LD Fallon EX91
  ++*B Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill VG88
  SGCH Lucky*Star's Lot Vivian 4*M EX94
  GCH Lucky*Star's Natural Raquel 3*M EX90

Linear Appraisal:

4-04 91 EEE
3-06 91 EEE
2-05 87 VVV
1-07 86 V+E


PTI 21:
PTI 12:
ETA 21: 24
ETA 12:  -17

*B Vineyard View Hoku Jedi
**DNA** - **Casein A/F**

Hoku's Dam - SGCH Vineyard View Amidala 1*M EX91
Photo courtesy of Vineyard View Dairy Goats

  ++*B SG Kastdemur's Rhone
  *B Rockin-CB KR Hoku
  SGCH Rockin-CB RZ Ceylon 8*M EX92
*B Vineyard View Hoku Jedi
  +Mint*Leaf Citizen Kane GP84
  SGCH Vineyard View Kane Amidala 1*M EX91
  Vineyard View Ale Padme

Linear Appraisal:

2-03 90 VEE

*B Lucky*Star's RJ Kansas
**DNA** - **Casein A/A**

Dam of Kansas - Lucky*Star's RD Happy Hour VG89
Photo courtesy of Lucky*Star Farm

  ++*B GCH Kastdemur's Watch Yourself EX91
  *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi VG88
  SGCH Rockin-CB RZ Haiku 8*M EX91
*B Lucky*Star's RJ Kansas
  *B SG Rockin-CB RCC Draco VG87
  Lucky*Star's RD Happy Hour 5*M EX90
  SG Lucky*Star's RA Cheers 4*M EX91

Linear Appraisal:

1-01 89 EEV

Rockin-CB JA Legends of China
 04/21/19 - black
**DNA & Parentage Verified** - **Casein A/A**

  *B Kastdemur's Route 66
  *B Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Anticipation
  GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids FRankie 1*M VG89
Rockin-CB JA Legends of China
  +*B SG Rockin-CB RY Zoren VG89
  SGCH Rockin-CB RZ Ceylon
  SGCH Rockin-CB RZA Assam 7*M EX91

When I saw Anticipation's dam, Frankie, at the 2017 ADGA National Show, I fell in love with her style and elegance, and then when she freshened with a beautiful mammary, I knew I wanted to get something related to her. When Jennifer contacted me in the fall of 2018 and asked if I would be interested in some Anticipation semen, I jumped at the opportunity. He is all black.

Reference Sires

Rockin-CB Kauai's Am. Jigalo

  +*B SGCH Kastdemur's SA Stingray EX90
  +*B SG Kastdemur's Kauai
  GCH Kastdemur's Survivor Tocantin 4*M EX92
Rockin-CB Kauai's Am. Jigalo
  ++*B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier EX93
  SG Rockin-CB LX Flirt 4*M EX91
  SG Lucky*Star's TA Brazen VG89



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